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Weekly Radio Reports
"Many Days"

A/C Top 40 #33
A/C, Hot A/C Top 100 #48 Download.pdf
Top College #12
Download .pdf
Top 30 Indie #9

Martian Colony Press Kit Press kit.pdf(1.2 MB 10sec)

Martian Colony's "Trajectory" can be purchased at these respected locations:
Yahoo Music
Real Networks
Liquid Digital Media
Circuit City
...and more!

Martian Colony LOVES! Shocker Gear!
visit their website

Martian Colony is in the process
of arranging a co-promotion with
the best clothing company, Shocker!

Martian Colony congratulates our friends
the "Time Signature/StepFenz" dancers
for their performance in Fall-Out Boy's latest
video that won the MTV/VMA
Viewers Choice Award!

S.U.R.E Record Pool Charts
NY Metro S.U.R.E Record Pool Charts!
Martian Colony continues to climb the
dance charts with hot remix of "Many Days"!
#16 Top Independent Releases and #25
Prime Movers Chart. Click here to view
chart reports!

Martian Colony latest video!
Don't miss the latest promotional video
for "Many Days" hot dance remix!
Click here to see the video!

"Many Days" hot dance remix
NY Metro S.U.R.E. Record Pool Charts!
"Many Days" hot dance remix is circulating
in da NY Metro area clubs.
See the chart reports here!

Fans of Martian Colony... A great way to
show your love for Martian Colony!!!
Please support our latest release by calling
up your local radio station(s) and request
our current radio hit, "Many Days" from
our latest release "Trajectory". Also, call
your local music stores and ask for Martian
Colony's latest release "Trajectory"
available Tuesday, June 13th!

Martian Colony release "Trajectory"
"Trajectory" will be found at
major retail outlets coast to coast!

Martian Colony in Top Record Pools
Martian Colony charting in Top 100 in
national record pools with b-side vinyl
and track 3 "Let Me Be Honest"
More News...

Martian Colony delivers "Many Days" remix
at nationwide record pools More News...

Martian Colony has been on a national
press and radio campaign,
our great reviews from writers and DJ's
More Press...

Martian Colony filmed their live performance
at the Funky Munkey, featuring the Time Signature
dancers. More Media...

Click banner
for G–LA interview!

Martian Colony video featuring
hook vocals from Uptown!
Click to view video (30 sec to load)
Martian Colony with G-LA,
featuring Uptown

Martian Colony with G-LA
featuring Uptown

G-La-Vocal, Uptown-Vocal, Blacky Amen-Guitar
Peso-Bass, Vocal ERNI-Guitar, Vocal
Tracks include:
1. Let It Go (3:46) BUY
2. Many Days (3:44) BUY
3. Let Me Be Honest (4:43) BUY
4. Don't Sleep (3:48) BUY
5.105 (4:55) BUY
6. Bombs & Fire-Rhym. (3:55) BUY
7. It's A Sin (3:57) BUY
8. Upside Yer Head (4:35) BUY
9. Can't Take No More (3:48) BUY
10. Destiny (5:26) BUY
11. Bombs & Fire (4:34) BUY